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High Performance Building Design

Eine grüne Geschichte von Marken Projects.

Marken Projects Design Studio is providing progressive building design services for new construction and renovations, both for residential and mixed-use projects.

Our studio is dedicated to providing cutting edge design solutions, applying a deep green approach to all of our projects. Our dwellings are smartly designed, flexible and use less - less energy, less material, less maintenance, with the goal to eliminate non-environmentally friendly & unhealthy elements. We are experts in Passive House, Net Zero, LEED Platinum, Minergie and Living Building Design.

Typically, we structure the design process as follows:

  • Establish Design Parameters
  • Design Charette
  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Phase

Marken Projects promotes sustainable development and environmentally friendly applications and identifies strategies to meet and exceed your objectives and goals.

We are lucky to have found Marken Projects; we have been able to build a high quality home for a reasonable price. They have designed a beautiful, unique, energy efficient and Green home for us. The team has been very pro-active on our behalf and have been very available to assist us in researching resources for our building project. We highly recommend Marken Projects. Family Hotell